The Hummingbird Health Practice

The Hummingbird Health Practice is a holistic health company that provides various treatments such as Lymph Drainage Therapy and Hirudo Therapy. With a mission to deliver natural treatments that align with Ayurveda principles, The Hummingbird Health Practice strives to provide customers with a professional, reliable and natural solution for their health needs. 

To convey this message, The Hummingbird Health engaged in a brand identity design project to define the company's look and feel and establish a clear brand image. The goal was to create a brand that showcases the company’s values of reliability, positivity and joy.

We created a friendly, sunny, and professional brand identity for The Hummingbird Health, reflected in its logo, visual elements and a website design. The logo features a stylized hummingbird (a sign of healing, hope and good luck) and the company's name. The colour scheme draws inspiration from the sun's warm tones, conveying positivity and trustworthiness. We also created brand guidelines for consistent presentation across all channels.

As a result of the brand design project, The Hummingbird Health now has a strong brand image that effectively represents its values and mission to customers, building trust and confidence through its friendly, sunny, and professional appearance.

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